Established in 1839, with extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in all manner of hydraulic and lubrication applications.

We are a long established company providing a complete and comprehensive service of hydraulic components, units and systems; Cylinders for lifting loads up to 1000 tonne each; Power units giving pressures to 10,000psi; Tools to master difficult problems including; nut cutters, hole punch, wire rope cutters, torque wrenches, bearings pullers.

Latest arrival in our range of power packs is the small trolley mounted diesel powered unit, which complements the petrol units which are widely used. Our range of products are backed with our service and repair department, with the manufacturer trained operatives, working under the quality control procedures of ISO9001:2000. 

Our reputation for quality and reliability has enabled us to be the supplier of choice for hydraulics for the rope compressors used on the ropes which hang the Landau Suspension Bridge, Hong Kong. As well as working with Rolls Royce and National Railway contractors in maintaining site equipment, along side developing new specialist hydraulic tooling and equipment 

Taskers also provide a solution for those special lubrication problems, with lubricants that work at 500°C, stick to moving parts and lubricate wire ropes.

If you are interested in any of our products or services or if you would like more information on a product please contact us on 0114 2430927.

Our History of Engineering Excellence

John Tasker, who established the business back in 1839, as ‘Tasker’s Engineering Co. Ltd.’ which started as a maker of leather and rubber goods in Sheffield. With a great pioneering spirit (he has more than once been described as a great benefactor of Sheffield), he progressed from bouncing balls and galoshes to engineering.

New activities were sought; and Taskers purchased Portmahon Works where they carried on the business of producing all kinds of grinding machinery, some very heavy armour-plate grinders, which they supplied to users at home and overseas. The Portmahon Works were dismantled and transferred to Lancashire some years later. Meanwhile they had expanded their engineer’ merchants business on Blonk Street in 1900 and remained there until the 1960’s when they moved to Roman Ridge Road. 

Taskers have specialised in the prompt supplying of a multitude of different goods in engineering work. 

Taskers continued as a family run company through four generations, but is no longer in family hands.

The company now known as TASKERS UK LTD. continues today to give a first class service as Hydraulic Engineers and Lubrication Specialists, under the watchful eye of Michael J. Crawford, Managing Director.

He had a store in Angel Street, Sheffield, where he carried out a repair and engineering stores merchant business also a repair and engineering department in Sheaf Street. He then soon realised the prospects of electrical power, he installed a generating station in 1877-78, thus putting Sheffield on the map of public electricity.

In the true pioneering spirit he then continued to involved himself in telecommunications and his Angel Street store became one of the first telephone exchanges in the provinces. Becoming a name of importance in the telephone business he installed private exchanges for Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle and Balmoral. The greater resources of the National Telephone Company overcame the Sheffield Company and this came to a conclusion in 1888. The other private venture (electricity) came to an end when Sheffield Corporation purchased the electricity undertaking in 1898.