We have vast knowledge and expertise in lubrication for an array of applications.

Our team are trained in providing lubrication solutions for any problem using a range of high quality and performance lubrication products.

We supply high performance TRI-FLOW Industrial Lubricant derived from a technological breakthrough which fixes Teflon (PTFE) through the use of a special carrier to a surface by direct application where no special preparation or process is needed.



Taskers can supply lubrication for Food , Chemical, Nuclear and Engineering industries, with a temperature range from -60°C to +600°C

Our Product range covers a wide range of applications

Multi Purpose Cleaners

TASKERS UK manufacturer and distributor

Lube Sticks

Reduces Wheel flange wear

Low installation & maintenance costs

Automatic & Self Adjusting System

Designed for dry lubrication of wheel flanges, this well proven system comprises of an Taskers Lubestick, spring loaded in a galvanised steel holder.

Wheel flange is drastically reduced as the lubricant cannot spread to traction, therefore eliminating the risk of skidding. Lube sticks are long lasting and easily replaced

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